Kawasaki Ninja H2R

It may not be a car, but it has car level horsepower (293 bhp) and it’s gorgeous so I’ll make an exception this one time

Corvette Z06 – it’s fast….

Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06Like very fast – as details are slowly released in anticipation of the upcoming arrival, todays news is that the 0-60 time will be delivered in less than 3 seconds, and the quarter mile in less than 11. That’s pretty close to new 911 Turbo S speeds for less than half the cost. Tempted yet?

Quote of the day

“Fear is not a stupid thing. Winning is not a question of courage, but a faith in oneself and in the car. A car is like a creature that lives, with its own emotions and its own heart. You have to understand it and love it accordingly. I knew many drivers more courageous than me. They are dead now.”  – Juan Manuel Fangio

707 BHP! Introducing the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

244047_DG015_160CLI’m not sure if it’s due to my older age, spending lots of years living on this side of the Atlantic, or being able to enjoy the burble of a big V8 more readily than when I was growing up, but American muscle cars hold my attention a lot more now than they ever did before.


And here’s one that is screaming for attention – the Dodge Challenger SRT with the Hemi Hellcat engine option. It has 650 lb.-ft of torque to go with it’s 707 bhp, and the guys at Dodge were so concerned it might be a little much that they supplied two different key fobs with the car – one that unleashes everything the engine has got, and another one that limits the output to a more manageable (!?) 500 bhp if you’re handing over the keys to your friends or kids I guess.


You can pick one up at your local Dodge dealership starting in Q3 of this year. Just in time to scare the neighbors for halloween I guess.



Isle of Man TT Course Record – Subaru STi

If you’ve ever seen those crazy bike guys go around the TT course on the Isle of Man, you know they’re a little crazy. Slightly less crazy (purely for the fact that they have an extra metal layer surrounding their body) but no less skillful are the rally drivers who hit the same circuit in search of a little fun and glory.

Mark Higgins broke the lap record two weeks ago driving a new 2015 Subaru WRX STI on the treacherous 37-mile course with an average lap speed of 117.510 MPH and a time of 19 minutes and 15 seconds, and this is the video of that lap. Things get a little tight in some spots – definitely has way more guts and skill than I’d ever have. Enjoy!

Jaguar F-Type Project 7

Jaguar spun up a Special Vehicle Operations (SVO for short) group last year (Harry Metcalfe of Evo fame went over there). They’ve stayed pretty quiet until they had something to shout about, so coinciding with the Speed Festival at Goodwood, news of a major first project is trickling out, along with this video. I would suggest you turn it up loud….

First Reviews of M3′s are trickling in

And it’s pretty much as expected – pretty spectacular but the steering doesn’t have much feel is the brief summary.


Car and Driver first drive is here and if you subscribe to Evo (or I think just have their iPad app) they have a comparison test for some reason as their first go at this car (with a Jag F-Type Coupe).

New York Auto Show 2014

I was lucky enough to be working in NYC when the annual car show came around this year. I of course made some time to head over there one night, and take a wander around all the shiny toys. Some highlights – seeing the M3 and M4 in the flesh, along with a Porsche 918. Plenty of pics now follow for your viewing pleasure. (and apologies for the lack of updates here – if you couldn’t tell, I started a big new project which means little time for anything outside of work for the past couple of months).

DSC00621 DSC00627 DSC00631 DSC00634 DSC00639 DSC00642 DSC00645 DSC00648 DSC00650 DSC00656 DSC00657 DSC00661 DSC00663 DSC00668 DSC00670 DSC00673 DSC00685 DSC00688 DSC00690 DSC00692 DSC00695 DSC00700 DSC00714 DSC00716 DSC00723 DSC00733

Louis Vuitton Luggage (and an i8)

i8 BMW with luggage You didn’t think I had changed tack with this website and moved from cars to more general luxury goods did you? Of course, I know nothing about luggage (so all the text below is from the press release), but why miss the opportunity to put up a pic or two of the i*

i8 luggage bmw

Inspired by the visionary design of the BMW i8, the bags and cases – like the sports car’s innovative passenger cell – are made entirely from carbon fibre. This particularly lightweight yet extremely sturdy high-tech material has been used by Louis Vuitton to create a special textile. It provides great robustness and strength, and as such is made for the rigours of travel – no matter how long and arduous the drive.

i8 luggage set

The understated carbon-black of this luggage range matches the colours of the
BMW i8. Its sophisticated look comes courtesy of the unmistakable chequered Damier pattern – a Louis Vuitton hallmark – and a laser-etched Louis Vuitton signature. Black and electric blue used in the microfibre lining take their cue from the trademark brand colours of the BMW i8 and bag handles are made from dyed natural leather, a sign of Louis Vuitton quality. All items in the collection come with leather name tags and the iconic Louis Vuitton padlock.

i8 interior luggage

Audi S3 Convertible

Audi S3 ConvertibleI’ve always admired the Audi convertibles – the S4 and S5 always seemed to look just right in a way the BMW equivalents never quite managed. Adding to their repetoire is now the S3 Convertible, about the be officially released at the Geneva Motor Show.

Audi S3 Convertible front side

Using a tuned 2.0 TSFI engine pushing out 300 bhp’s and 280 lb/ft of torque (or in typical German fashion, the note from Audi actually said 280.27), it retains the sporty S3 suspension.

Audi S3 Convertible Rear

The open-top four-seater has a soft top with an electrohydraulic drive. Magnesium, aluminum and high-strength steel keep its weight low and a highly insulating foam layer in the roof reduces the noise level in the interior. The top is available in three colors and it opens or closes in 18 seconds, even while driving at speeds up to 30mph. An active rollover system protects passengers in the event of an accident, but hopefully you won’t find out how it works.

Audi S3 Convertible Interior

Given it’s an Audi, all-wheel drive is standard, as is the 6 speed S Tronic transmission that goes with it. It looks like there will be no manual option for this car, although there is a launch control function so you can win the all important traffic light race. Not sure on release date for the US yet (or I guess the confirmation that it’s going to make it over here even), but you can buy one for about 50,000 euros in Germany this summer.