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New Lotus Exige S

Announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Lotus have followed up with a (pretty strange) promo video for the new Exige. Despite the new one being a little heavier than the outgoing models, it does have a super-charged 3.5 liter V6 under the bonnet, pushing out 346 bhp and probably more importantly to the overall driving feel, 295 lb-ft of torque.

How Many Gears are Too Many?

Porsche has it’s 7 speed manual, and Mercedes (I think) has it’s 8-speed Auto these days, so how many gears are too many? It appears that Hyundai thinks we’re not quite there yet, with rumors they’re working on a 10-speed version. That brings it up to the Peugeot push-bike I lusted after when I was still a little kid back in England, and is a far cry from the 4-speed Porsche 911 Turbo that also occupied my mind.

Spyker sold to US Equity Firm

Spyker make fantastic looking cars – they’re possibly my favorite interiors ever, and up close in real life there are so many exquisite details. So really, the news that they are now owned by a US based private equity firm is more of an excuse to post this picture, rather than it really being interesting news on it’s own.


Evo First M5 Review

Evo is the best car magazine on the planet (if there’s a better one, you better tell me, coz I’ve been a believer with my own cash for an international subscription for a very long time now). And they’ve done a quick review of the M5 before the full version gets released in the magazine very soon. As you’d expect, it’s super fast, super responsive, but they want to test it on English roads with a couple of competitors (XFR and new E63 AMG) before they deliver the final all encompassing verdict. Read the initial take for yourself right here.

11 Car Drag Race

Answering the question why with “because we can” is often the precursor to greatness. Enjoy!

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Will Be Built!!

Major news from Lamborghini today that the Sesto Elemento they showed at the Paris Motor Show last year will actually be built. I’m guessing it won’t be cheap, given only 20 (track only) models will be made, and they’ll all be weighing in at 999kg of carbon fiber goodness. I need to start saving pennies now – this thing looks incredible. (via TopGear)

Floating Interior Concept from Volvo

If you’ve checked out the interior of a Volvo in the last few years, they have (and maybe it’s just some models) this weird thing where the center console has a gap behind it. “Many women find it handy for their purses” was the helpful comment from the sales guy when we were looking at the S60 (I think) when the wife got her current car. It looks like they’re taking the concept a little further with this cool interior, where the seats don’t actually touch the ground, giving lots more space underneath (and the general appearance of an airier and more spacious cockpit). Although great as a concept, the first thing I thought after looking was “Oh crap, the kids gonna throw his toys and they’ll get stuck under the brake pedal and we’ll all crash and die”, which I’m guessing wasn’t safety first Volvo’s intent here. So, looks cool, but I’d never sign up for it.

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When is a toy not a toy?

When it’s a toy model of the Lamborghini Aventador, and it costs around $4.8 million dollars. I realize it’s made with diamonds and carbon fiber and gold and stuff, but I’m not sure who in their right mind would pay something like that for a model car. Probably no-one, so it will be up to one of those crazy rich people to buy it (and I hope they have a matching real version in their driveway).

(via Dvice)

Ford Fiesta ST

Hot on the heels of the Focus ST I mentioned earlier is the Fiesta ST concept which finally was shown to the public after been spotted in a couple of continents over the last year in testing. Not sure if this one will make it this side of the Atlantic yet, but having a true hot baby hatch can’t be a bad thing as the gas (petrol) prices slowly creep up.

Maserati SUV

Those were words I never thought I’d type together – Maserati, SUV. But here it is – as manufacturers attempt to make money in these difficult times, even the Italian sport car manufacturers are having to branch out into unfamiliar territory. And given the success of Porsche with their Cayenne I guess it’s hard to argue.

The company is quick to point out that despite the Kubang being based off the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, all the important bits (including the engine designed by Maserati and built by Ferrari) will be made especially for this model.