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Porsche 911, the 2012 version

Rennsport Reunion IV just happened, and lots (and lots) of very cool Porsches got to hang out together at Laguna Seca. Porsche also took some video of the new 2012 911 around the track. Enjoy.

New Mazda 6

Although not official being called the new 6, Mazda released it’s Takeri concept onto the public today and at least provides a strong hint at what might be in store for the next generation family sedan. And I like it, a lot.¬†(via Top Gear)

Nissan Juke-R

The Nissan Juke in it’s regular form has a bit of a polarizing effect. The mini SUV thing either looks cool or weird, or cool and weird, depending on your tastes (and often age range). However, when you strap the drive-train from the might GT-R underneath, along with a new body kit, you see it in a whole different light….

If you want more details, check out the Nissan Juke Facebook page

Aston Martin V12 Vantage Zagato

I wasn’t sure about the looks of this when the original car was so gorgeous anyway, but after watching this video and seeing some of the details, I’m a believer. It might also have something to do with the sound when it gets cranked over – that engine is something else…

Formula 1 is coming to the US

And everyone is getting very excited. Including Red Bull. Looks like I know where part of my vacation is going to be spent next year…..

A Driving Nine Year Old

So this little clip was making the rounds this week on the local and national news after a 9 year old girl was pulled over for driving her Dad home “because he was way too drunk to drive”. Not surprising given he had been drinking whiskey all day. He was obviously very proud of her efforts and proceeded to tell the clerk at the gas station how good she was (it was 3am by the way). Not surprisingly, a concerned citizen called the cops, who pulled over the van. Despite needing a booster seat to see over the wheel, the girl questioned the cops pulling her over as “I was driving pretty good I thought”.


New Porsche Cayman?

I really hope so because this thing looks pretty close to perfect. If anyone can interpret some German for me, the original site is here. And as an esteemed fellow driver said to me earlier today, they put 400 bhp in that¬†thing and they have a new customer. Fingers crossed….

Rear-wheel drive Toyotaru (FT-86 finally going official)

Finally is the call from the peanut gallery. The much rumored, discussed, dissected and occasionally seen in public collaboration effort from Toyota and Subaru to produce a low cost rear-wheel drive coupe is finally making it’s official debut. Next month at the Tokyo show is the date, where there’ll be more details on specs and prices (hopefully), that enhance the current guestimations of between 200 and 300 bhp (with the Subie being higher).

Blackberry Outage Lessens Accidents

One of the stranger news stories from this week (at least car related) was the news that the recent outage that impacted email and message delivery for Blackberry devices had a direct impact on the number of car accidents. Reports out of Abu-Dhabi state that accidents during the outage period were reduced by between 20 and 40%, which is pretty spectacular by any standards. I guess people answer a lot of emails on the road over there.

(via Dvice)

Lotus Karting Program

The John Player colors on a Lotus always brings back memories from childhood. And now Lotus has tried to influence those said children a little more by sponsoring a karting team in an effort to discover new talent. Maybe I can get the little guy signed up in a few years…….

(via Lotus Press)