Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

I have been lucky enough to get to visit Spring Mountain, and sample a couple of their driver education courses over the past few years. I started off doing the advanced Lotus courses, and spending 2 days blasting around in an Elise (and a couple of laps in an Exige before I broke it) wasn’t what you call boring. The second was just last year, when I upgraded to something with a little more power (Corvette Z06’s) for the Level 3 Class at the Ron Fellows School. They’re the official Corvette school, and the level of instruction has always been fantastic. Not only that, but they’re also some of the funnest and friendliest bunch of people to hang out with, so if you ever get the chance to join a school (in any of the cars they offer – Radicals are pictured below), I’d suggest you jump at the chance.

I’m about to head down there for my third school in a few weeks. I signed up to re-do the Level 3 Corvette school with the hope of being slightly less intimidated by all the power (500bhp is a little step up over the 330bhp I’m used to driving on a normal basis), and getting smoother. Another added benefit in recent years is the on-site condos – there’s something pretty special about waking up with your head about 30 yards from Turn 1 while they give a few cars some warm up laps.