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C63 AMG Coupe

AMG Mercedes always sound so good.

New Porsche Boxster S

Porsche recently unveiled the new 2013 Porsche Boxster S, and as you can tell from the picture, it’s the biggest change made so far in the life of the 2 seater convertible. Unless you were an owner (or weird stalker fan) there was little to give away the various different versions of the fine handling mini Porsche (apart from the lights maybe?), but the new one comes with a big vent down the side (I’m sure there’s some fancy stylistic name for it).

Anyway, important stuff – it’s faster, lighter, more powerful and prettier all rolled into one package. BHP is up 5 over the 2012 model to 315, and 0-60 is timed at 4.7 (which given Porsche’s very conservative approach to acceleration times means it’ll drop below 4.5 when the magazines get hold of it). More details coming at the Geneva Motor Show in March, but word on the street is they’ll be arriving in the US in the summer at around $60k (before you hit the option kamikaze button of course).

Acura (Honda) NSX Concept

Acura 2012 NSX ConceptHonda (or technically Acura over here) released a concept of the next version of the NSX at the recent Detroit Motor Show. Apart from looking pretty spectacular, it has the usual Honda fill of brand new technology, including additional (electric) engines to sort out the all wheel drive portion of the handling. All sounds very complicated to me, but the engineers in the program promise it will stay close to it’s driving for fun roots. No idea when it’s due to come out, but it’s definitely one to keep an eye on. (via PistonHeads)

Interesting side fact – despite the original NSX falling firmly into the exotic/supercar band when it was released, if you take a look at a recent Porsche Boxster spec (weight, bhp, torque , performance and engine position), they’re pretty night on identical. Hows that for progress?

Sean Edwards at Road America

2011 lap that got him pole position in GTC and a lap record.

In other news, spending too much time on YouTube watching car videos as instead of spending time on the track. Guess it must be winter – going to have to crank up the XBox again to at least pretend

Bike vs Car Drift Battle

This one is courtesy of my brother back home, who thought I might like this. He wasn’t wrong….

The Dreaded Service Engine Soon Light

Despite still being around 11,000 miles away from my Inspection II (the expensive service for an M3), my service engine light came on this morning. Made sure the petrol cap was still on properly (it was) and drove pretty carefully for the rest of the day. Car is booked in to get checked out, so hoping with fingers crossed that it just needs an oil change and/or something really minor. How come cars have a way of knowing when it’s the worst possible time for them to go wrong? Maybe it’s just pissed off I haven’t washed it in a few weeks and left it in the snow over the holidays?

Update: Nothing too serious, some electronic sensor that deals with fuel vapor and emissions. Cost around $250 to sort out. I do have a slight leak in my steering pump hose, which will need replacing. Of course I made the mistake of thinking hoses were cheap – apparently this is one of the most expensive hoses of all time – $435!! I politely declined to get it fixed immediately until I can a) save up, and b) see how much it costs at some other places.

Learn How to Drive

Before you decide to try your hand at a bit of street racing (please)