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Meanest Car at the Denver International Auto Show

Was without question this one – matte black and led headlights do something for me. 

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

It looks from the picture s coming out that Ferrari has another winner on it’s hands. The F12 Berlinetta is the new replacement for the 599 in the current line-up, and with 740bhp coming from a V12 engine, I can’t imagine being disappointed. It’s nice to see Ferrari can still design a good looking car.

If you can watch this video, and not want to save all your pennies to buy one, I suggest you see a doctor immediately

Beginning of the end for Lotus?

Lotus has had it’s ups and downs over the years, probably more so than most other car companys, but current 50% owner Proton is going through some serious changes back in it’s native Malaysia which has put a halt to all development of the new Lotus models. No official word on the final outcome of this just yet, but I have my fingers and toes crossed that it doesn’t mean the end for the best handling cars on the road these days.

(via Carbuzz)