Archives for August 2012

New Range Rover Coming Soon

The new Range Rover recently got announced, and likely the biggest deal about this thing will be the weight loss. The last model was a little on the porky side, but this one is 700 lbs lighter without dropping in size, and given the engines are carrying over from the current model, it should be a little speedier. From a purely selfish standpoint, I can’t wait for the aluminium chassis technology to work it’s way down to the Sport model – the wife’s current version is pretty nippy when you floor that V8, so with a decent chunk of weight taken off, it should make the grins even bigger.

World’s Greatest Drag Race Part 2

Motor Trend just posted this years version of the greatest drag race, with 9 cars competing (well, kind of) down a quarter mile of track. It’s worth sticking around right until the end as well – they let you have a little listen to each of the engines. Having driven the Jag XKR-S a couple of months ago, I can attest to being thoroughly addicted to that V8 on full throttle, whether inside or outside of the car.

2012 Isle of Man TT Video

I realize this isn’t cars, but there was no way I couldn’t post this after watching it. Just for the record, I don’t have the balls to ride a bike, and especially not at speeds like this.


Current Obsession – Ford Focus ST

For whatever reason (maybe because it’s previously never made it over to this shore), I’ve got a little bit of an obsession with the new Ford Focus ST. I’ve been reading all the reviews, and despite hating that flame orange color they seem to use for all of the test cars, I think I want one. Maybe it can be in my dream garage as the every day driver family car to replace the APR tuned Golf GTi that was in there previously? Guess I better get back to buying those lottery tickets, as after a huge nail went through the sidewall of the M3’s driver side rear last week, the new car fund is currently dry as a bone.