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New Audi S3 with 300 BHP

Lots of new concepts and cars are coming out of the Paris Motor Show this week. This one, the S3 from Audi, sports a 5.1 second 0-60 and hits the limiter at 155mph. It looks like this one will make the trip across the water to the US (but maybe in 5 door form only?), and could be the perfect runabout here in Colorado, with the usual quattro drivetrain with a slight front wheel bias. Of course, there’s always the chance that Audi might really up the ante and release the new (yet to be announced or released) 400bhp RS3 over here. Now that could be a lot of fun.

Jaguar F Type Release at Paris Motor Show

Looks like the price might push it about the Boxster S, which could be a tough sell? But her, first Jag two seater convertible since the E-Type.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Or a Panamera estate (or shooting brake or station wagon if that’s your thing?) in more normal terms. And to be honest, it doesn’t actually look bad – even almost good? I kind of considered how much it was going to be, and whether or not the realities of parenthood meant this might be my first Porsche.

This was quickly followed by a visit to the special microsite (complete with annoying music and slow loading), and I learned that the primary mode of operation for this was electric. Maybe I’m one of those grumpy old men these days (like when I whine for the lack of manual transmission cars available in the US for example), but I really don’t want huge batteries in my car if I can at all avoid it.

Tesla Supercharger – It may not be what you think

So, when is a supercharger not a supercharger? Probably right now – Tesla announced their superchargers, but they’re not anything to put under the hood. They’re the gas stations for electric cars that were shown for the first time today.

Powered by solar power where they can, and pushing power back to the grid whent hey have it spare, these stations can charge a Tesla S in an hour or so. Still not quite as quick as the local gas station, but much quicker than plugging it into the wall at your local hotel…

The good part of this – no charge for Model S customers with certain battery packs. The bad part – most the cars Tesla has already sold (including all of the Roadsters) are not compatible with the Supercharger charging stations. Guess the plugs don’t fit or something.

McLaren P1 – The Next Great Supercar

We’ve all been waiting for the day that McLaren updates its iconic F1 model (which can still more than handle it’s own despite being 20 years old), and it looks like this will be the year. The pics in this post are previews of the “design study” McLaren is releasing at the Paris Motor Show to give the world a glimpse of what whill hopefully be coming out in the not too distant future.

Not specs or technical details have been released yet (although I’m sure you can find lots of speculating if you use “The Google”), so just make do with the pics for now. I’ll obviously post any new information if I hear it. 


Paris Smart Concept

While I’m on the subject of small cars, check out this new Smart concept in advance of the Paris motorshow

I was a big fan of the old Smart Roadster and this concept seems to have hit the spot where the pretty hideous Mini Coupe (which I actually saw in real life this week – still weird in an ugly sort of way) doesn’t. Interior is pretty cool too

Mini John Cooper Works GP

If you ever fancied a way to get a little bit more cargo space in your mini, the sensible option (instead of all those ugly random versions Mini seems to release every other week) is to go for the Cooper Works GP, where the company sensibly takes out those back seats for you. Of course, they do claim it’s not to fit the extra boxes in from Home Depot, but for a little extra lightness and to put the brace across the back, but we can pretend otherwise.

Mini John Cooper Works Interior Brace

This new version has a minor power bump (218 bhp) so I presume they’ve spent all that extra money on a boat load of suspension mods to get this little thing around the corners nice and fast. Which makes me wonder, why didn’t they hook it up with a real limited slip diff? Anyway, looks good and probably handles like the proverbial go-kart, and if it’s anything like the first version, will hold it’s value even better than the regular ones.

Aston Martin Vanquish

I may be a little biased towards British cars, but Aston Martin in my humble opinion makes some of the most beautiful cars in the world. Take a look at these pictures and try and tell me you disagree

Aston Martin VanquishAston Martin Vanquish Rear 3/4 ShotAnd if you’re still not convinced, there’s the sound…..

Every Bond in a Car Chase

If you like cars, then you have to like car chases. And Bond, James Bond has been in a few good ones.