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Jaguar XFR-S

Jag has started to make some very pretty cars again, so I’m not sure why they decided to mess with the relatively clean lines of the XFR to put the huge spoiler on the back (see below). But we’ll let that slide for now (and the colo(u)r) to say the hottest of all XFR versions comes with the the supercharged V8 we’ve seen in other cars, giving it 550 bhp and enough torques to melt tires on a daily basis (502). 0-60 is officially rated at 4.4 secs. 

Porsche Cayman 2013 Official

No more need for the rendered speculation and spy shots – Porsche released all the details of the new Porsche Cayman (and Cayman S) today. Nothing too surprising given the earlier release of the Boxster and all of the speculation. It looks (really) good in it’s final form, and they kept the increase in power down to a max 325bhp for the Cayman S so that it wouldn’t clip too closely to the 911.If you’re interested in more details,

Porsche have opened up a microsite here, so you can check out all the details and updates available, and click your way to a very expensive car (base is around $64k but as with all Porsches, it can get stratospheric pretty quickly). There’s also an exhaust sound section in there where you can very easily convince yourself that your life wouldn’t be complete without one of these installed with the optional sports exhaust. Now I just have to stay away from the dealership until I’ve saved all my pennies….

2013 Porsche Cayman

Automobile provides the first non disguised view of the new Porsche Cayman – allegedly getting ready for the LA Motor Show. It’s looking pretty impressive, and given the reviews so far of the Boxster and Boxster S, I’m thinking this might make it onto the want list for next year if I can save the pennies, given the new 911 is ridonkulously expensive and the reviews have been far from stellar with the new electric steering and all the other electronics making it feel very un-911’ish (cheers to Todd for the original link)

SLS AMG Black Series

I was hoping for at least a little engine noise in this, but looks like we’ll have to wait for the rumble. The Black Series seems to me to be a little hit and miss – CLK was apparently awesome, but the C Coupe wasn’t. Wonder how good this one will be – wouldn’t mind getting the chance to find out, that’s for sure

Banned in the UK – the Toyota GT 86 Ad

Not really sure why to be honest – the word was “could encourage dangerous driving”

New Maserati Quattroporte

In advance of the Detroit Motor Show, Maserati let loose a couple of pics of the new Quattroporte. Another one of those cars I think I might one day own (or at least dream of owning), the new version follows up with a more modern look to the classic shape of old. And, if you ever get a chance to hear the engines on these things, you’ll understand my fixation – not much better than a Maserati engine note.

Urban Outlaw

A few weeks ago my brother-in-law, Gareth, forwarded a 30 minute video about a Porsche addict who restores old cars (among other things). It was on my list to watch but the last few weeks have been a little on the crazy side, so finally got some time today to watch it. And it’s great, so thoroughly recommended. It will take 30 minutes of your day though, but even if you’re not a Porsche guy, it’s a good watch.