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Ferrari F150

Word on the street is all the details will be released in 2014 for the Ferrari to supersede the Enzo, but for now make do with the fantastic picture below and the knowledge that it might be a hybrid (!?)

Flying Lizards around Road Atlanta

GoPro have released a few pretty incredible videos in the run up to the holidays (and for the record, if you don’t own one of these things but want to start recording some action shots in the car, on a snowboard or anywhere else you fancy, I’d highly recommend them). I have another none (or less at least) car website that I posted the surfing one a few days ago, and now they’ve released in-car footage of some 911 RSR’s being driven in anger around Road Atlanta. I think that’s more than enough words. Press play and enjoy.

2014 Mercedes E63 AMG – 4 Wheel Drive Confirmed

And lots of other information on this great interview/drive along from Car and Driver


New Range Rover in the flesh

I dropped the RR Sport of this morning (see below post) and was surprised to see a brand new model Range Rover sitting on the forecourt. I took a couple of quick snaps with the phone – general impressions were it didn’t look that much different than the older one. Still not sold on the door fins but the back lights looked good.





Range Rover Issues

We’ve been lucky enough to own a few cars since I got off the plane in the US all those years ago. One each of a Toyota (Celica GTS), Subaru (STi), Mercedes (300 Sport 4matic), BMW (e46 M3), and a Range Rover Sport (V8 HSE Lux). All were brand new when purchased, and only one of these has required more than one trip back to the dealer for warranty issues. Bet you can’t guess which one 😉

We’re currently up to visit number 5 )I think) for the Range Rover – nothing that has left anyone stranded yet, but the frequent trips are starting to get a little irritating given its (by a decent margin) the most expensive car we’ve owned. This trip will just be to get the left half of the heated windscreen working. I’m hoping its the last.


BMW is going a little loopy – 2 Series spotted

After spotting the gaping whole between the numbers 3 and 5, and filling it with 4, someone smart over in the car development/marketing department (is there a difference these days?) spotted a similar gap between 1 and 3. Thus spotted, the upcoming 2 series courtesy of AutoblogI’m obviously sitting here waiting with baited breath for the upcoming 9 series that’s bound to be announced…. God help us all when they spot similar gaps in their X lineup.

Update: BMW confirmed as loopy – release a special edition 1-series that’s only available with a brown interior (and call it lifestyle). Case closed.

E-Series AMG Getting 4-wheel Drive?

Car and Driver are reporting here (along with the rest of the info on the new E-series line up) that the AMG version will for the first time have 4-wheel drive. If this is the case, it might have just made it to the top of my list of best cars to own in Colorado (well, technically it’s probably a shoot out between this and the RS6 we talked about earlier).

BMW 4 Series

It looks like BMW has decided having a 3 series sedan, coupe and convertible is a little bit too much, and someone came up with the “great” idea of creating a 4 series. Details are a little sparse currently, with a full press release promised for the Detroit Motor Show in January. It does look better than the last 3 series coupe – I had a hard time with that one (and especially the M3 version which apart from a carbon roof and an engine bulge didn’t look very different to the base model) as it just seemed a little chunky and ill-defined. I guess the big question now is whether or not this signals the end of the M3? The sedan version of the sportiest model has always been an option (in again, out again), so if it misses out this time, we might  only have an M4? I’m sure BMW will answer this, and the price and performance questions in good time.

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar have officially launched the much anticipated F Type – their little 2 seater convertible sports car. It comes in 3 engine flavors – 3 litre Supercharged V6 (first seen in I think in the recent update to the Jag XJ over in the UK if I’m not mistaken – it got great reviews) in both 340 and 380 bhp tune, and a supercharged V8 pushing out 495 bhp. Pricing in the US (without any options) are $69k, $81k and $92k respectively. That puts it into some pretty high territory, and looks like it might price it significantly above the new Porsche Boxster base prices – of course, things can change dramatically depending on which option boxes you check. Latest reports are that it will be available next summer (2013) as a 2014 model, so get yourself down to your Jag dealer quickly if you fancy one.


Audi RS6 – The Uber Wagon Returns

Apart from looking ridiculously fantastic while carrying the kids and their accessories (and believe me, they have plenty of accessories), the ultimate 6 from Audi follows tradition with 4 wheel drive to help the drifting in the snow. And helping with the play is 560 bhp and 516 lb-ft of torque from less than 2,000 rpm. Audi has a reputation for their interior design and from the looks of these official pictures, they won’t disappoint with this model. The traditional flat bottomed steering wheel for the RS model is there, and those seats are looking pretty spectacular to me. As is the case with all new cars these days it seems, there’s no real gearbox, but an 8-speed tiptronic will help you hit 62 mph (or 100kmh if you prefer) in 3.9 seconds, which isn’t bad for the family wagon. This might be making it onto my Santa list in the near future, but release date is scheduled for March at the Geneva Motor Show and there’s no official word if it’s actually going to make it to the US shores yet (but we’re all hoping…)