Audi RS6 – The Uber Wagon Returns

Apart from looking ridiculously fantastic while carrying the kids and their accessories (and believe me, they have plenty of accessories), the ultimate 6 from Audi follows tradition with 4 wheel drive to help the drifting in the snow. And helping with the play is 560 bhp and 516 lb-ft of torque from less than 2,000 rpm. Audi has a reputation for their interior design and from the looks of these official pictures, they won’t disappoint with this model. The traditional flat bottomed steering wheel for the RS model is there, and those seats are looking pretty spectacular to me. As is the case with all new cars these days it seems, there’s no real gearbox, but an 8-speed tiptronic will help you hit 62 mph (or 100kmh if you prefer) in 3.9 seconds, which isn’t bad for the family wagon. This might be making it onto my Santa list in the near future, but release date is scheduled for March at the Geneva Motor Show and there’s no official word if it’s actually going to make it to the US shores yet (but we’re all hoping…)