BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition Model

Before any of the US readers get too exited, it’s not coming over here…….

In traditional fashion, BMW is releasing a special edition before the end of the current M3 run, this one to celebrate winning the German Touring Car series on it’s return to the competition this year. Main changes to the car are cosmetic, with the matte black paint, M Sport Racing stripes, and few stickers here and there on the outside, and the inside getting a carbon and alacantra going over. 

From what I can tell there are no performance upgrades, although the base price (of 99,000 Euros!!!!) does include the competition package. Given there’s only 54 of these things being produced, and it may be the last non-turbo M Car for ever (or at least the foreseeable future), it’s high on the likelihood of becoming a collectible at some point in the relatively near future. So, if you want one, and you live somewhere other than the US, you better get down to your local BMW garage quick sharpish to put your name on the list.