Audi RS7

2013 RS 7 FrontAudi announced last week that it’s building the latest in the RS series – the RS 7 Sportback. Not wanting to come to the party without plenty of power, they’ve given it a twin-turbo0charged 4.0 litre engine pushing out 560 bhp, allowing the 5 door coupe (if that’s really a thing) a 0-62 time of 3.9 seconds. They’ll even allow you to ask for the speed governor to be taken off so you can hit the top speed of 189.52 mph (the germans like to be precise with their stats…). One of the most impressive stats is the 553 lb-ft og torque is available all the way from 1750 to 5500 rpm – I’d say that’s big and flat. 2013 RS 7 - Rear Standard quattro 4-wheel drive pushing power in a 60/40 rear biased standard config, along with their torque vectoring technology first seen on the S4 is designed to limit the understeer and keep things interesting in the handling department. And in the ever increasing game of one-upmanship, 20 inch allows are standard, but you can have 21 inch straight from the factory by checking the right option box when you make your purchase.

2013 RS7 InteriorI’m a sucker for good interiors, and the RS cars from Audi are always up there at the top of the list. Two main reasons for this – the flat bottomed steering wheels are always gorgeous, and the massively bolstered Recaro seats they put in these things to keep you sitting nice and still round the corners. The RS7 has both, so I’m a happy boy.