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Maserati Quattroporte

There must be something in all new car marketing budgets that say you need to release some moody music video along with your new car, and sprinkle in a few engine revving soundtracks to get everyone to make a purchase, as along with the Jaguar one we featured a couple of weeks ago, Maserati have gone and done the same thing (with not quite as good a song, but a better engine noise). Enjoy!

McLaren P1 – Details Released


Today must be my lucky day – McLaren decided to release a decent chunk of details on the upcoming P1, just so teenage boys (and grown men like me who act like teenage boys when a new supercar comes out) everywhere could drool over some new pics and completely outrageous performance numbers. So, lets start with the money – 866,000 Pounds (of the Great Britain variety), which when translated into my current currency, gives us $1,313,029.20. That 20 cents is important. And before you start crying about how much that is for a car, if you take a step back to the last time McLaren released a road/race car for purchase (F1), and look at their current prices compared to purchase price (they’re higher), you can consider this more of an investment with giggles and grins than a car purchase. Maybe. At least that’s what I would be telling myself if I had that sort of money in the bank. And McLaren are pretty much guaranteeing resale value by keeping the number of P1’s for sale down to 350.


And performance – what do we get. Well, to be honest, lots. And lots. 217 mph top speed (electronically limited!), 0-62mph in less than 3 seconds, and 0-186 mph (or 300 km/h in new money) in less than 17 seconds! A mid-mounted 3.8 liter V8 with twin turbos spits out 903 bhp and 663 ft/lbs of torque with the assistance of an electric motor – apparently you can even run the car on just the electric motor if you’re heading into a no-emissions city zone. But we all know the real reason – F1 developed DRS for a straight line speed boost, so you can pretend you’re Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button on the track (or highway) of your choosing.


The interior doesn’t look like a bad place to hang out either. It comes equipped with apparently all you need for road and track use, and the only real option (outside of something totally custom from McLaren Special Ops (yes, they really have that department to cater to your every custom wish)) is the luggage set designed to fit in the limited space available in the car. As has previously been reported, McLaren decided to go with the more traditional two up front approach this time, rather than the single seat driver and two rear seats like the previous F1 incarnation.


I’ll leave you with a shot of the brake, just in case you were worried all that speed and carbon fiber weren’t going to be able to stop you on time. Those things look huge and capable – McLaren told us this about them

Developed by McLaren’s Formula 1 partner Akebono, the system features a new type of carbon ceramic disc, which has previously seen service in space, but never before used on a road car. Stronger than conventional carbon ceramic, the material dissipates heat more effectively, giving the highly efficient braking system exceptional stopping and cooling capability. 

Oh, and they’re lighter as well.

So, if this hasn’t gone to the top of your want list for cars, check your pulse (but I’ll have mine in a color that isn’t yellow please).

Audi RS4 Paintball Duel

What happens when you have a lot of time, money and space on your hands? Cool stuff, that’s what……

Alfa 4C Official Pics

Announcing it’s return to the Geneva Motor Show this year, Alfa Romeo dropped a few pics on us of the upcoming 4C.

Alfa Romeo 4C Front

Also confirmed was the fact this will be the lead in car for Alfa’s return to the US (swear I typed something similar when the 8C was announced…). Sporting lots of carbon, aluminium and the all important rear-wheel drive, the car will sport a turbo petrol engine (and if I’m reading the press release right, it’s either called the 1750, or it has 1750 cc’s, hmm).


From the looks of these pics, they have another winner on their side – the 8C has to be one of my favorite looking new cars of recent times, and the re-launch of Alfa in the US can only be a good thing. I’ve heard a few rumors that this is going to be up there in the price range, so I’m hoping it brings suitable performance with it (although unfortunately there won’t be a manual gearbox version made).



Twitter, YouTube, Drive and Evo

Screenshot_2_21_13_4_32_PMSo on my travels back yesterday from a work gig on the west coast, Chris Harris announced the latest Drive video (posted blow so you too can drool, although yellow!! What were Porsche thinking for the demo car?) was being uploaded. This prompted another journalist from my fave car mag (Evo) to chime in, and I couldn’t resist throwing out the question that has been keeping me awake for the last few weeks. Of course, I don’t think there’s going to be a wrong answer, but what is the right answer? Anyone else have an opinion? I was leaning towards the GT3 until I watched that video. Now I have no clue again. Luckily I still don’t have the cash, so no pressure on making a decision just yet…..

AMG Boat – It’s Not Subtle

AMG have long been known for their subtle styling, lots of use of black paint and the occasional flourish of the bodywork, but for their latest release, an electric cigarette boat, they threw that out of the window.

The World's Most Powerful Electric Drive Powerboat Electrified b

Normally I’m not into boats that much, but this one has over 2000 bhp and reminds me of the good old days when I used to watch Miami Vice on BBC1.

The World's Most Powerful Electric Drive Powerboat Electrified b

And it has a pretty nice interior too. And of course, it’s made my a car company. Anyway, the electric engine can apparently push you through the waves at around 99mph, which sounds a bit scarily fast for a boat. I think I’ll let other people try that out. Wonder how fast they can tow a wake-boarder? That might be fun to watch….

The World's Most Powerful Electric Drive Powerboat Electrified by Mercedes-AMG

Caterham Rallying?

I suppose, apart from the complete lack of protection from the elements, there isn’t really a good reason why you shouldn’t. I guess I had never thought of it until I came across this video of some crazy French guy doing a special stage in one.

Update: Hmm, helps if I actually put in the video, doesn’t it…..

Cayman Reviews Starting to filter in

And yes, the conclusion is it’s pretty freakin amazing. Now just have to work out a) how to save up my pennies to get one, and b) given the cost, is it better to buy a new one of these, or a second hand 997 GT3?

Of course, given my inability to get past point a), I have a while to answer point b). If you have any opinions, I’m happy to hear them.

Lana Del Rey Music Video or a Jag F-Type Ad?

I’m not sure, but I don’t think I care too much. Either way it’s a goodie

McLaren 50

This is worth the 3 minutes or so of your day (and no, this isn’t turning into a McLaren dominated site – I push things out as I get or find them).