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Jag F-Type Coupe Super Bowl Ad

I don’t want to turn this site into a bunch of Super Bowl ads, but Jaguar sent me a nice email pointing this one out, and given it’s very British flavo(u)r and the awesome sound of the Jag engine, it was just too much to ignore. Turning the volume up would be a good option

Ayrton Senna NSX For Sale

Senna NSXIf you ever wanted to own a piece of automotive history, Top Gear has the details on the upcoming sale of this NSX owned by the legend known as Ayrton Senna. Given he was part of the reason this 20 year old supercar was as good as it was, it seems like the perfect way to pretend you can drive half as well as he could. And if you’re still not convinced, watch him take the NSX around Suzuka (white socks and all).

New Audi SuperBowl Ad

In advance of the Superbowl this weekend (Go Broncos!!), Audi has released their ad that will be officially aired just after halftime for your enjoyment.

Top Gear Test Track Now on Google Maps

Right here (don’t say I don’t give you anything….)

Lexus RC-F

2015 Lexus RC_F_011Lexus just announced the RC-F performance model, based on the RC coupe, and it’s geting the most powerful V* Lexus has ever produced, with more than 450 horsepower and more than 383 lb.-ft. torque. Following the recent trend, it’ll come with a torque vectoring differential, and a flappy paddle only gearbox.

201735_2015_Lexus_RC_F_018The RC F takes design cues from the Lexus LFA supercar, especially in essential air cooling and aerodynamics. Its hood air vent, such as those on the LFA, combined with front cooling ducts contribute to engine cooling and overall vehicle stability.

201739_2015_Lexus_RC_F_019Also from the LFA, an active rear spoiler is incorporated into the trunk lid to provide down force at speeds of more than 50 mph.

The History of Quattro

Drive have started off the New Year with a bunch of good stuff, one of my personal favorites being the first in the series of the History of Quattro. Take a look (and like I always say, if you only subscribe to one channel on YouTube, this should be it, although you should subscribe to two and include EvoTV as well 😉

2015 Subaru WRX STi

2015 Subaru WRX STiI have a history with STi’s – completely loved them as a kid growing up watching the rally on the TV back in England, with Colin McRae screaming through forests and mountain passes at insane speeds. So when they brought the car to the US way back in 2004, I was one of the first in line at the garage, paid my $1000 deposit and waited patiently for the 3 months it took before it arrived. And it was great, loved that car, and perfect for Colorado. Until someone else loved the idea of having it too, and promptly removed it from a car park without my knowledge, for it never to be seen again.

201575_15CL_VL9_3C_AF36134_011319So given that, you’d think I’d be super excited about the new STi coming out now. And I’m not, for a couple of reasons. First, just look at it – I was trying to work out what it reminded me of, and maybe it’s a Civic, maybe it’s not, but this car is not a looker. I used to love the blistered arches of my old one – this thing seems like it’s got nothing, so in a vain attempt to get someone excited, they bolted on the usual big wing.

201548_15CL_VL9_3C_AF36135_011319And the second reason – the lack of improvement in the engine department. Back in 2004, the cars came with 300 bhp and 300 torques. What do you get 11 years later for your money? 305 bhp and 290 torques. Hmmm.

VW Beetle Dune Concept

199474_VW_BD_STD_04-1Not sure if I love, like or hate this yet, so I’ll keep the words short and you can decide for yourself.

199478_VW_BD_INT_01-2A Baja Bug for the 21st Century, the Dune Concept looks production ready. It even has a ski rack built into the roof and rear spoilers (coz you need skis on the beach?)

199467_VW_BD_STD_03-2It’s based on a Beetle R-Line with a 210-horsepower EA888 TSI® engine. but is longer, wider, and taller, with two inches of additional ground clearance.

Kia Concept (and it’s actually good!)

Kia Stinger GT4 ConceptKia surprised the automotive world (well, me and at least one other person) with their release of the GT4 Stinger concept.

Kia GT4 Stinger Concept rearDesigned as a rear-drive competitor to the Subaru BRZ, Kia loaded it with a 315bhp turbo 2.0 liter engine to make sure people took notice. No word on if/when it will hit the market, but I think the brand could win over a whole new set of followers with something like this at it’s usual low price point.


Next Toyota Supra? (Here’s hoping)

199760_TOYOTA_FT1_Exterior_007Toyota released it’s FT-1 Concept on the world this week, showing off the new car at the Detroit Auto Show, with a virtual release in Gran Turismo 6 being available for download tomorrow.

199729_TOYOTA_FT1_Exterior_004If this is the sign of cars to come out of Toyota as part of their new design directive, the world is going to be a better place. Combine it with some of that old school driving enjoyment as well, and we could have a winner.