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Quote of the day

“Fear is not a stupid thing. Winning is not a question of courage, but a faith in oneself and in the car. A car is like a creature that lives, with its own emotions and its own heart. You have to understand it and love it accordingly. I knew many drivers more courageous than me. They are dead now.”  – Juan Manuel Fangio

707 BHP! Introducing the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

244047_DG015_160CLI’m not sure if it’s due to my older age, spending lots of years living on this side of the Atlantic, or being able to enjoy the burble of a big V8 more readily than when I was growing up, but American muscle cars hold my attention a lot more now than they ever did before.


And here’s one that is screaming for attention – the Dodge Challenger SRT with the Hemi Hellcat engine option. It has 650 lb.-ft of torque to go with it’s 707 bhp, and the guys at Dodge were so concerned it might be a little much that they supplied two different key fobs with the car – one that unleashes everything the engine has got, and another one that limits the output to a more manageable (!?) 500 bhp if you’re handing over the keys to your friends or kids I guess.


You can pick one up at your local Dodge dealership starting in Q3 of this year. Just in time to scare the neighbors for halloween I guess.