Fiat 500L

Fiat 500 L

This post was almost titled “What happens when you make really cute really ugly” but I backed off. This is arriving on this side of the Atlanta in June apparently, and AutoBlog has a first drive review here if you’re interested. I think I’ll pass on this one….

Subaru BRZ Ad

I have no idea what they’re saying, but you get the idea. Big question in my mind – cost and performance against a WRX….

Squeal Like a Pig

Excitement starts just past the 2 minute mark

2012 911 Reviews Start Rolling In

Autoblog has theirs here, and provided the “interesting” video below showing of all things, how the new sunroof on the 911 opens. Really guys? It’s a 911 and you show us the sunroof?

New Mazda 6

Although not official being called the new 6, Mazda released it’s Takeri concept onto the public today and at least provides a strong hint at what might be in store for the next generation family sedan. And I like it, a lot. (via Top Gear)

New Porsche Cayman?

I really hope so because this thing looks pretty close to perfect. If anyone can interpret some German for me, the original site is here. And as an esteemed fellow driver said to me earlier today, they put 400 bhp in that thing and they have a new customer. Fingers crossed….

When is a toy not a toy?

When it’s a toy model of the Lamborghini Aventador, and it costs around $4.8 million dollars. I realize it’s made with diamonds and carbon fiber and gold and stuff, but I’m not sure who in their right mind would pay something like that for a model car. Probably no-one, so it will be up to one of those crazy rich people to buy it (and I hope they have a matching real version in their driveway).

(via Dvice)

Audi S7

I have a bit of a confession – despite owning a BMW, I secretly think the interior and exterior looks of the current range of Audi’s is way nicer than their equivalent BMW’s. This is once again shown with the latest incarnation  – the S7. The sportier version of the A7 brings a twin turbo 4.0 litre V8 with 420 bhp and 406 lbft of torque – here’s hoping it’s more S4 than S5 like in it’s on road performance – signs are promising with a 0-60 time that’s less than 5 seconds and the optional sport differential.


Peugeot HX1 Concept

It looks like this is the week for concept cars, all getting a pre-release before the Frankfurt Motor Show. Peugeot used to be renowned for some very stylish cars (the old 205 and 405 are personal favorites) but it’s been a while since they released a car I actually wanted to own (mainly due to Renault taking over the small car performance mantle for the last 15 years or so). The HX1 however looks pretty amazing. Find out more here 


New 911 Microsite

Is right here for your reading and playing pleasure. And there’s a configurator available as well. Guess what I just spent the last hour doing….