Real Cars for Real Driving

It looks like me and Mr Harris have a very similar outlook on cars and how they make you feel. Great post that had me searching for the Caterham US site (yet) again to see if there was any decent bargains on the used section.

Caterham Rallying?

I suppose, apart from the complete lack of protection from the elements, there isn’t really a good reason why you shouldn’t. I guess I had never thought of it until I came across this video of some crazy French guy doing a special stage in one.

Update: Hmm, helps if I actually put in the video, doesn’t it…..

How To Confuse An Englishman

In the ever changing world of Formula 1, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. But how about this one – Team Lotus and Team Renault are both changing their names. What’s worse, Team Lotus will now become Team Caterham, and Team Renault will now become Team Lotus. Or something.

(via Pistonheads)