Infiniti Sports Coupe Teaser

Infiniti Q60 Concept

Set to be fully released at the Detroit Auto Show next month, Infiniti released a brief teaser of the upcoming Q60 design. It looks promising but I’ll reserve final comment until we get a better look and a few more details. Stay tuned.

Volkswagen XL Sport

VW XL SportWhat happens if you pair a futuristic (and light) body with a Ducati Superleggera V-Twin engine? I guess the guys at VW were interested in finding out.

276850_DB2014AU01207The XL Sport achieves the best ratio between weight (1962 pounds), power (147 kW/197 hp) and aerodynamics (CdA of 0.44 square meters) of any car. It’s a combination that allows it to reach an impressive top speed of 168 mph on just 197 hp.

276863_DB2014AU01212There are a number of individual features that contribute to the XL Sport’s arrow-like performance, in addition to the uncompromising styling. These include special vanes that direct the air at the front into specific channels, wheelarch vents, an optimized underbody, lift-reducing air ducts in the hood, an extendable rear spoiler (powered by the same unit as in the Lamborghini Aventador), and adaptive air vents incorporated in the rear hatch.

276887_DB2014AU01226The significantly redesigned chassis, high-revving engine, and aerodynamic performance firmly plant the XL Sport in the racing realm. The chassis incorporates high-strength steel subframes which house upper and lower control arms at the front with pullrod actuation for the dampers, while the control arms at the back have pushrods—similar to the layout for a racing car. The forged magnesium-alloy wheels, which save 53 pounds compared to aluminum-alloy rims, are fitted with 205/40 R18 front and 265/35 R18 rear high-performance tires. The XL Sport has a powerful ceramic brake disc setup.

Kia Concept (and it’s actually good!)

Kia Stinger GT4 ConceptKia surprised the automotive world (well, me and at least one other person) with their release of the GT4 Stinger concept.

Kia GT4 Stinger Concept rearDesigned as a rear-drive competitor to the Subaru BRZ, Kia loaded it with a 315bhp turbo 2.0 liter engine to make sure people took notice. No word on if/when it will hit the market, but I think the brand could win over a whole new set of followers with something like this at it’s usual low price point.


Next Toyota Supra? (Here’s hoping)

199760_TOYOTA_FT1_Exterior_007Toyota released it’s FT-1 Concept on the world this week, showing off the new car at the Detroit Auto Show, with a virtual release in Gran Turismo 6 being available for download tomorrow.

199729_TOYOTA_FT1_Exterior_004If this is the sign of cars to come out of Toyota as part of their new design directive, the world is going to be a better place. Combine it with some of that old school driving enjoyment as well, and we could have a winner.




2015 Honda (or Acura over here) NSX

Honda NSX 2015The car that has been talked about for at least the last 10 years seems like it’s finally making a little more progress in the never ending trek to public release. The nice folks at Honda supplied the pic, along with the announcement at the Tokyo Motor Show that the car will use a V6 engine with a couple of turbos bolted on. Rumors of an 8 speed flappy paddle gearbox being specifically developed for this model are also doing the rounds – I had long given up any sort of hope that this would come with a manual gearbox.

Paris Smart Concept

While I’m on the subject of small cars, check out this new Smart concept in advance of the Paris motorshow

I was a big fan of the old Smart Roadster and this concept seems to have hit the spot where the pretty hideous Mini Coupe (which I actually saw in real life this week – still weird in an ugly sort of way) doesn’t. Interior is pretty cool too

BMW Zagato Coupe

What happens when BMW team up with the Italian coachbuilder normally more associated with Aston Martin, Zagato? You get something pretty amazing

Probably one of the nicest BMW incarnations I’ve seen in the last decade or two, that’s for sure. (via Autoblog)


Land Rover DC100

I’ve always loved the old Land Rovers that dot the farmlands of the UK, be they the Range or Land variety. It seemed like the old workhorse versions never did get a refresh to bring them up to modern times, but with this concept, named the DC 100, I think they might have cracked it. Chief Designer Gerry McGovern has been on record as saying the company is serious about building this new Defender, and if it ends up looking like this and lasting a lifetime, I’m sure it’ll be a success.

(via Autoblog)

New Mazda 6

Although not official being called the new 6, Mazda released it’s Takeri concept onto the public today and at least provides a strong hint at what might be in store for the next generation family sedan. And I like it, a lot. (via Top Gear)

Audi did LED’s, BMW to do Lasers?

Inside line has the scoop on the possibility of the laser lights featured on the BMW i8 concept might make it into production as early as next couple of years.

With no need for traditional headlights, this could have a dramatic impact on the styling of future BMWs