Ferrari 360 – First Drive (well mine, anyway)


No, I haven’t gone and bought an aging Ferrari so that I can spend all of my free cash on repairs and upkeep to get the occasional blast around country lanes in. I was lucky enough to have the wife purchase a driving experience from the folks over at Exotic Drives of Denver which consisted of  a 45 minute blast around the back roads of the south side of Denver in a Ferrari 360 coupe.


This was my first every experience driving a Ferrari, and to be honest, I was a little intimidated. There’s the usual performance car issue of “you must drive really slow and crab-like off any curb that is greater than 3mm tall”, as well as IT WAS A FERRARI!! So the first few miles consisted of me slowly becoming more comfortable, combined with the engine and transmission warming up, making for a more relaxed driver by the time we got to the fun roads.


Obviously this was a street driving event, so although we did hit some bends and got a chance to at least push the suspension a little, there wasn’t any push it to the limit track cornering (that would have been fun but I’m not sure there’s too many Ferraris available for track rental in these parts). There was however plenty time to experience the fantastic sounds of the engine and exhaust, along with my favorite thing – finally getting to change gears with the famous open metal gate manual gearbox. Despite dreaming of the experience since I was about 5, the actual event didn’t disappoint, and the clacking of metal on metal as I went from gear to gear made me grin from ear to ear.


If you live in the Denver region, and are interested in taking out the Ferrari for a spin (or a Gallardo or GT3 that they also have available), I’d definitely recommend Exotic Drives – great experience and great car – what’s not to like!

The History of Quattro

Drive have started off the New Year with a bunch of good stuff, one of my personal favorites being the first in the series of the History of Quattro. Take a look (and like I always say, if you only subscribe to one channel on YouTube, this should be it, although you should subscribe to two and include EvoTV as well 😉

Twitter, YouTube, Drive and Evo

Screenshot_2_21_13_4_32_PMSo on my travels back yesterday from a work gig on the west coast, Chris Harris announced the latest Drive video (posted blow so you too can drool, although yellow!! What were Porsche thinking for the demo car?) was being uploaded. This prompted another journalist from my fave car mag (Evo) to chime in, and I couldn’t resist throwing out the question that has been keeping me awake for the last few weeks. Of course, I don’t think there’s going to be a wrong answer, but what is the right answer? Anyone else have an opinion? I was leaning towards the GT3 until I watched that video. Now I have no clue again. Luckily I still don’t have the cash, so no pressure on making a decision just yet…..

Drive – M5 vs GT-R

In case you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, Drive is a new channel on YouTube  featuring lots of cool car stuff. Highly recommend you check it out, not least for the appearance of Chris Harris, one of my favorite car enthusiasts. Here’s one his videos on the new M5 against the GT-R.