Lotus Exige Sport 350


In cars  you won’t see in road going form in the US, please add the tartan interiored (???) Lotus Exige Sport 350 – a lot like the last S version, but now with less (weight, time to 60mph, that sort of thing). Full details below, including some pics of that fantastic interior decoration.

  • 51 kg lighter than previous Exige S
  • 345 hp and in excess of 300 hp/tonne
  • 0-60 mph in 3.7 Seconds and top speed of 170 mph
  • Heritage Tartan interior and new colour and trim options

As the ultimate incarnation of the world famous Exige, Lotus has revealed the Sport 350, the latest version of the class-leading and award winning sports car, that’s lighter and faster than ever before.


The new Exige Sport 350 is the next model in the range to mark the reintroduction of the renowned ‘Sport’ naming designation. It joins the recently announced Lotus Elise Sport and Elise Sport 220 –delivering a lighter and even more performance-focused driving experience.

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Track Time in Pueblo with the local BMW Club

I’m lucky enough to have joined the local BMW club here in Denver a few years ago. One of the best things has been the track days – they offer a full day of classroom and track time to get everyone from beginners up to more seasoned drivers around the track that little bit safer and quicker. I’ve attended most of the other local car club driving days (Porsche being the major one I haven’t done yet), and have to say the BMW one is head and shoulders above the others.

Of course, I got totally addicted to this immediately, and proceeded to do very school they had for the next few years (they normally do 3 or 4 days per year). A couple of years ago, I was asked if I’d like to be an instructor – despite the feeling I wasn’t really experienced enough to be qualified, I said yes. The Instructor Training School (ITS) was probably one of the more stressful (but fun) things I’ve done in a while, but I passed, and now have the pleasure of helping others get faster in the same way I was helped. Which brings me to the weekend of September 22nd. Pueblo Motorsports Park, home of my first ever venture on a race track in a car, was the destination for the Fall Driving School. Pueblo had fallen out of favor in the past few years with the newly developed High Plains Raceway taking a lot of drivers attention – however, a brand new surface had brought the track back up to spec, and gave everyone a fresh challenge without eating a set of tires every day (which is what the old surface seemed to do). I had a great couple of students who kept me safe and entertained, and hopefully they realized how much they had improved over the course of the day. The next two are planned for Spring 2013 back out at HPR, so if you’re in Colorado (or somewhere else close) and fancy trying out your car on the track (it doesn’t have to be a BMW – we have lots of different makes out there) check out the site and get ready to sign up next year. As an aside, the fastest I went around the track that weekend wasn’t at my own hands (no surprise there). I had the pleasure of being a passenger in the Lotus Exige pictured above and driven by one of my friends and fellow instructors, Ross. Apart from being super lightweight (although with me in there, it’s obviously weighed down a little), it was also sporting a set of slicks for the weekend, meaning the g’s we were pulling through the corners were pretty impressive. It was a lot of fun.

Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch

I have been lucky enough to get to visit Spring Mountain, and sample a couple of their driver education courses over the past few years. I started off doing the advanced Lotus courses, and spending 2 days blasting around in an Elise (and a couple of laps in an Exige before I broke it) wasn’t what you call boring. The second was just last year, when I upgraded to something with a little more power (Corvette Z06’s) for the Level 3 Class at the Ron Fellows School. They’re the official Corvette school, and the level of instruction has always been fantastic. Not only that, but they’re also some of the funnest and friendliest bunch of people to hang out with, so if you ever get the chance to join a school (in any of the cars they offer – Radicals are pictured below), I’d suggest you jump at the chance.

I’m about to head down there for my third school in a few weeks. I signed up to re-do the Level 3 Corvette school with the hope of being slightly less intimidated by all the power (500bhp is a little step up over the 330bhp I’m used to driving on a normal basis), and getting smoother. Another added benefit in recent years is the on-site condos – there’s something pretty special about waking up with your head about 30 yards from Turn 1 while they give a few cars some warm up laps.

New Lotus Exige S

Announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Lotus have followed up with a (pretty strange) promo video for the new Exige. Despite the new one being a little heavier than the outgoing models, it does have a super-charged 3.5 liter V6 under the bonnet, pushing out 346 bhp and probably more importantly to the overall driving feel, 295 lb-ft of torque.