Ferrari 812 Superfast – the latest (and greatest?)

Ferrari 812 SUPERFAST

Today Ferrari announced their latest release, the Ferrari 812 Superfast, and it sure does look super fast. With 789 bhp and 530 ft.-lb. of torque, linked to a dual clutch gearbox, the 6.5 liter V12 can propel the car to 60 in 2.9 seconds, and a kinda ridiculous top speed of 212. mph.

gallery-ferrer 812 Superfast rear-170038-car-812superfast

This will be the first Ferrari with electric steering, which has me a little worried, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see the reviews to find out if they’ve mastered the art of feel through the new system.


There’s a bunch of active management going on with the airflow, with various flaps controlled automatically to address the cars and to keep it firmly stuck to the road, no matter what the speed.

Ferrari 812 Superfast interior

The car has the typical stylish Ferrari interior, with the huge metal gear shifters, and all of the controls housed on the multi-function steering wheel.

812 SuperFast ferrari rear

I guess the only thing left to say is pretty obvious – I want one!

LaFerrari vs P1 vs 918

Clear your schedules. If you have even the slightest like of cars, you need to watch this. You can thank me later.

Ferrari 488 GTB – Reviews are coming in

ferrari 488

A few reviews are in tonight for the new Ferrari – interesting because (it’s a new Ferrari obviously) it’s the first one in a while with a turbo engine. From a quick scan it’s all pretty exceptionally good, so take a look

Evo Review

Goodwood Road and Racing 

Chris Harris on Cars Video Review 


La Ferrari – A full road and track test

Ferrari 360 – First Drive (well mine, anyway)


No, I haven’t gone and bought an aging Ferrari so that I can spend all of my free cash on repairs and upkeep to get the occasional blast around country lanes in. I was lucky enough to have the wife purchase a driving experience from the folks over at Exotic Drives of Denver which consisted of  a 45 minute blast around the back roads of the south side of Denver in a Ferrari 360 coupe.


This was my first every experience driving a Ferrari, and to be honest, I was a little intimidated. There’s the usual performance car issue of “you must drive really slow and crab-like off any curb that is greater than 3mm tall”, as well as IT WAS A FERRARI!! So the first few miles consisted of me slowly becoming more comfortable, combined with the engine and transmission warming up, making for a more relaxed driver by the time we got to the fun roads.


Obviously this was a street driving event, so although we did hit some bends and got a chance to at least push the suspension a little, there wasn’t any push it to the limit track cornering (that would have been fun but I’m not sure there’s too many Ferraris available for track rental in these parts). There was however plenty time to experience the fantastic sounds of the engine and exhaust, along with my favorite thing – finally getting to change gears with the famous open metal gate manual gearbox. Despite dreaming of the experience since I was about 5, the actual event didn’t disappoint, and the clacking of metal on metal as I went from gear to gear made me grin from ear to ear.


If you live in the Denver region, and are interested in taking out the Ferrari for a spin (or a Gallardo or GT3 that they also have available), I’d definitely recommend Exotic Drives – great experience and great car – what’s not to like!

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrri_Speciale_1I’m trying not to make this a Ferrari only site, but just found the first bit of news on the new hotter Ferrari 458 – the Speciale – is out on the Top Gear website.

Ferrri_Speciale_4And just like the name, it is speciale. You can head over to the site for all the info, but it’s lighter, faster, and basically follows on from the 360 Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia, making it even better on the track than the “base” model. Ferrri_Speciale_2It might even be a bit of a bargain given you get the 7 years of included maintenance that all Ferraris get these days (not really, but it might be a good way to try to mentally justifying buying a car that costs more than my house). Ferrri_Speciale_5


LaFerrari out in the open

Apart from it being yellow, this is awesome. It sounds pretty incredible, and looks a lot better than I feared when I first saw some pics. And those doors! 🙂


Haven’t had time to look into any of the details yet, but here’s the video of the brand new Ferrari announced at the Geneva show today.

Ferrari F150

Word on the street is all the details will be released in 2014 for the Ferrari to supersede the Enzo, but for now make do with the fantastic picture below and the knowledge that it might be a hybrid (!?)

Car Dreaming

If you’re anything like me, you spend a large amount of time looking through the classifieds working out what car you would buy for a certain amount of money (or alternately how can you save enough to buy x). Current fascination is this Testarossa listed at Ferrari of Denver. Less than 10,000 miles on the clock, and less than $85k which includes having the recent engine out service to make sure everything is good. And you can pretend to be Sonny Crockett as well, which is of course priceless.