Button vs Coultard – RallyCross

There is so much to like with this video, especially if you’re an F1 fan.

(Source BBC)

Weekend of a Champion

I was lucky enough to get to see Weekend of a Champion last night up in Boulder. I’ve been able to watch in the last couple of weeks 1 and Rush, and it’s definitely interesting to see 3 different perspectives to showing Formula 1 at various times in history. At the conclusion of the film, there was a talkback session, led by ex-racer David Mandell, and one thing about that conversation stuck with me “no matter how long ago you retired from racing, you think about racing every day”.

If you’re into cars (and based on the fact you’re here reading this, it’s a safe assumption) it’s definitely worth a watch.

Formula One Preview with Allan McNish

If you want a decent (half hour) preview of the new tech, team updates and various other bits and pieces before the F1 season starts in earnest down in Australia in March, may I humbly suggest this interview with Allan McNish (who is also the latest addition to that class BBC F1 team).

The Ghost of Ayrton Senna – Suzuka 1989

Taking the actual data from Senna’s car at the 89 Grand Prix, Honda recreated his drive using light and sound.

(video link courtesy of my little brother back in the UK)

How To Confuse An Englishman

In the ever changing world of Formula 1, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. But how about this one – Team Lotus and Team Renault are both changing their names. What’s worse, Team Lotus will now become Team Caterham, and Team Renault will now become Team Lotus. Or something.

(via Pistonheads)

Formula 1 is coming to the US

And everyone is getting very excited. Including Red Bull. Looks like I know where part of my vacation is going to be spent next year…..