Ayrton Senna NSX For Sale

Senna NSXIf you ever wanted to own a piece of automotive history, Top Gear has the details on the upcoming sale of this NSX owned by the legend known as Ayrton Senna. Given he was part of the reason this 20 year old supercar was as good as it was, it seems like the perfect way to pretend you can drive half as well as he could. And if you’re still not convinced, watch him take the NSX around Suzuka (white socks and all).

The History of Quattro

Drive have started off the New Year with a bunch of good stuff, one of my personal favorites being the first in the series of the History of Quattro. Take a look (and like I always say, if you only subscribe to one channel on YouTube, this should be it, although you should subscribe to two and include EvoTV as well 😉