Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe

Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe 2016

Information on the new Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupé was released this week, and it doesn’t look too bad 😉

The expressive exterior design differs significantly from the Mercedes-Benz model, which shares merely the same doors, roof and boot lid. The powerful 8-cylinder engine, together with the increased track width on the front and rear axles, calls for a redesigned front end and a model-specific rear assembly as well as new side walls. The flared wheel arches make the AMG Coupé 64 millimetres wider at the front and 66 millimetres wider at the rear, enabling the vehicle to hug the road better.

The larger wheel arches allow the use of wider tyres (up to 255 millimetres on the front axle and up to 285 millimetres on the rear axle), contributing to improved lateral acceleration, traction and agility. Under the outer skin, the body structure has been reinforced in key areas to transfer and compensate the extreme longitudinal and lateral forces from the powertrain and suspension. There is also the model-specific rear axle carrier.


The 60-millimetre-longer aluminium bonnet is adorned by two distinctive powerdomes, which are among the typical distinguishing features and underscore the muscular appearance. The extremely wide front section is characterised by large air inlets and precisely positioned flics. The low, arrow-shaped “twin blade” radiator grille with AMG lettering visually lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity. The typical AMG “A-wing” front spoiler is three-dimensional, also serving as an air deflector for the three cooling air inlets. Additional flics ensure an optimal flow of air to the cooling modules. And a front splitter at the bottom of the front apron helps to reduce front-axle lift.

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BMW M3 vs Mercedes C63 S AMG

The battle you’ve all been waiting for is finally here – the new M3 vs the new C63 S, courtesy of the fine folks at Evo

Mercedes AMG GT vs Porsche 911 Turbo

The matchup everyones been waiting for (and by everyone, I mean me and probably a couple of hundred 14 year old boys). Enjoy!

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Mercedes-Maybach 2015 S Class

Gone are the days when the Maybach was made to sound like it was it’s own company, as it’s now embedded in the Mercedes name (replacing the Benz, in the same way AMG has replaced it for the new GT). But it’s still a pretty spectacular car, especially if you’re being chauffeured around town in one.

Mercedes-Maybach 2015 S Class interior

The US market launch of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 is scheduled for April 2015. Its powerful V12 bi-turbo engine has an output of 523 hp. With a displacement of 5980 cc, the maximum torque of 612 lb-ft is available from 1900 rpm. Inside the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, the level of wind noise is extraordinarily low and even surpasses levels found in the quietest car in the world – the S-Class Coupe. In fact, for rear seat passengers, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is the world’s quietest production sedan.

Mercedes-Maybach 2015 S Class Rear

Standard equipment includes a Driver Assistance Package (Intelligent Drive), MAGIC BODY CONTROL, Night View Assist PLUS, a Warmth and Comfort Package with a heated windshield, Head-Up Display, LED Intelligent Lighting System, Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound System, Executive Rear Seat Package, Rear Seat Entertainment System and the Air Balance Package.

Mercedes-Maybach 2015 S Class interior 2

(As a note, I have no idea what MAGIC BODY CONTROL is, if it’s really a thing, or if someone just put it into the Mercedes press release as a laugh – you know how fun loving and whimsical those German car makers can be. I obviously will be the first in line to want it though coz it sounds perfect).  

Mercedes GLE Coupe

Mercedes GLE CoupeIt appears someone at Mercedes decided that despite the X6 being a bit weird and not much use, it deserved a competitor, and low and behold, the GLE Coupe appears. SUV Coupe’s (or whatever they’re called) hurt my soul – I still haven’t worked out why the X6 exists or why people buy them, but there must be some out there if Mercedes feels the need to match their German counterparts.

Mercedes GLE Coupe - RedThere is even an AMG designated model, and claims that “the GLE Coupe feels like a true sports car”.  There’s plenty of power to go along with the increased heft – a 3.0 liter V6 bi-turbo engine pushing out 362 bhp and 384 lb-ft of torque, and a 9-speed automatic gearbox mated to the 4-matic drivetrain.

Mercedes GLE Coupe interior

Mercedes AMG GT – Driven

Chris Harris is back (now on his own, outside of //Drive) with a little blast around Laguna Seca in the new Mercedes AMG GT we talked about a little while ago. Just listening to that exhaust note might be enough for people to hand over their cash, but without giving too much away, it has the driving prowess to match the noise. Take a watch…..

Mercedes AMG GT

271799_14C666_11One of the disadvantages of spending way too much time on your real job is you end up not posting about some pretty significant news on this website. So now that I have at least a little breathing room I’m going to try and at least partially rectify that by going back and pulling some of the best bits from the past few months and posting just like they were still super brand new.


So, I now present the Mercedes AMG GT – a 911 fighter designed to get your heart and pulse racing in equal measure. Its front mid-engine design with a rear transaxle and use of intelligent aluminum lightweight construction form the basis for a highly dynamic driving experience. Its newly developed AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine underscores the hallmark of AMG driving performance. The first sports car engine from AMG with internally mounted turbochargers (‘hot inside V’) and dry sump lubrication is configured in two output ratings: as a GT with 456 hp (340 kW) and as a GT S with 503 hp (375 kW). The new GT combines driving dynamics and first-class racetrack performance with superb everyday practicality and efficiency that sets new standards in the segment.


The centerpiece of the Mercedes-AMG GT is the new 4.0-liter V8 biturbo, which responds instantly with extreme power at low revs and delivers outstanding performance. Top figures such as 3.7 seconds from 0-60 mph (preliminary) and a top speed of 193 mph (310 km/h), combined with the outstanding driving dynamics will undoubtedly translate into extremely fast laps on the racetrack.


“With the new GT we are positioning Mercedes-AMG even more aggressively than to date as a dynamic sports car brand”, says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. “With its technological substance, the Mercedes-AMG GT fulfils our high aspirations with regard to driving dynamics, agility and sportiness. The new GT is the second sports car developed fully independently by Mercedes-AMG. The car is manufactured according to the motto ‘Handcrafted By Racers’ – which perfectly encapsulates our heritage and our spirit.”


The central “aviation design” theme, which is the hallmark of Mercedes-Benz sports cars, has been restyled. The extreme emphasis on the width of the dashboard, which creates an impression of a powerful wing dominates the cockpit of the GT. Four central spotlight-style vents and the individual vents at each end of the dashboard reinforce this impression. The combination of high beltlines, concave-shaped door paneling, low seating position and a dramatic center console design, makes the GT feel like you are slipping into the cockpit of fighter jet.


The 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine is being made in Affalterbach according to the “one man, one engine” principle. In the AMG engine shop, highly qualified master engine builders assemble the engines by hand according to the strictest quality standards. Once completed, this impeccable standard is clearly visible on the AMG engine plate, as it bears the engine builder’s actual signature.

Mercedes AMG GT - Silver

Personally I think it looks pretty spectacular, and given how fantastic the AMG engines typically are, if this thing handles as well as Mercedes suggest it does, it’ll end up going near the top of a lot of people’s purchasing lists, especially given how luke warm the new 911 got when it first arrived. Of course, there’s no manual available (do Mercedes even offer manuals anymore for anything they sell in the US?), so unless I change my mind (independent of the whole money issue of course), I won’t be owning one of these anytime soon.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe

Mercedes S Class Coupe 2014Just in case you really liked the regular S-Class, but thought it either had too many doors or wasn’t pretty enough, the nice folks at Mercedes have you covered.

209286_2015 S-Class Coupe (3)The new S-Class Coupe from Mercedes-Benz combines the classic proportions of a large, sporty coupe with modern luxury and state-of-the art technology” is the official line. 

209338_2015 S-Class Coupe (26)The big news with this car is the introduction of what Mercedes are calling Active Curve Tilting Function (those Germans like their romantic names, don’t they?). The vehicle leans into bends much like a motorcyclist, thereby reducing the lateral acceleration acting on the vehicle’s occupants. On country roads in particular, this means greater driving pleasure and ride comfort for the occupants. Allegedly……

209342_2015 S-Class Coupe (22)

New 2015 Mercedes C-Class

2015 C-Class SilverDetails and photos of the new Mercedes C-Class hit the wire today in advance of the official release at the Detroit Auto Show in January. As you can see from the pics, it’s a definite looker, taking a few key styling points from the latest S-Class model, the lights being the most obvious example.

2015 C-Class FrontIt’s also expanded a little – the wheelbase growing by 3 inches to 112, overall length stretching by 3.7 inches to 184, and width swelling 1.6 inches to 71. This can’t be a bad thing – we actually owned the previous version of this car (wifes) and ended up having to ditch it when kid number 2 came along as there just wasn’t enough space to put a car seat behind the drivers seat and not have me crushed behind the steering wheel (if I could squeeze myself in there). And I’m nowhere near being classified as tall.

2015 C-Class InteriorThe interior here looks fantastic – this pic showing with the optional MultiMedia Package selected. Again, if you can afford it, pick it. The sound system in the old version was pretty spectacular back then – way better than the M3’s, so I can imagine this one being anything worse. And the upgraded system adds a touchpad interface (like a smartphone interface says the press release) to the MMI wheel and button interface, along with voice control, so you have 3 options to choose when you want to start changing things around.

194811_2015 C-Class (6)Engine choices are limited to two when first release – C3oo gets a 2.0 liter turbo-charged engine pushing out 235 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque and a C400 4MATIC with a 3.0L turbocharged direct-injection V6 at 329 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. Rumors of a diesel are circling, but not confirmed yet, and anything lower than the C300 is likely to only get a European release and not make it across the pond.

2015 C-Class RearThree suspension options are available – regular with selective damping, sport (based on the regular but more sportily tuned and a reduced ride height by 0.6 inches) and the big news – air suspension. Thanks to electronically controlled, continuous variable damping at the front and rear, it offers outstanding road roar and tire vibration characteristics even with the vehicle loaded. The driver can use the AGILITY SELECT switch to choose between the various characteristics: “Comfort”, “ECO”, “Sport” and “Sport+.” The additional “Individual” option enables drivers to configure their vehicle according to their own wishes. AIRMATIC also features all-round self-leveling for optimum ride comfort even when the vehicle is loaded.

2015 C-Class Interior FullOverall, the new model looks great, and seems like it’s moving the “small” luxury car segment along. No pricing has been released, but whispers of it staying pretty much in line with the current model fit in with Mercedes aggressive approach to winning market share. And don’t forget, if this model is a little out of your price range, there’s always the CLA available now too.

2014 Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Interior

Those nice folks at Mercedes released a few details about the upcoming S-Class along with a few tasty pics of the interior for us to feast our eyes on. The S Class has become something of an icon in terms of predicting future technology in cars – those who now enjoy the radar speed sensing cruise control in most luxury vehicles owe a small piece of gratitude to the S Class as the pioneer of this technology for example. So people often get excited for the latest gadgets and gizmos that this new model invariably includes.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class DashAnd this release doesn’t really disappoint, with the replacement of their regular analog gauges with a fully integration screen that seems to stretch right along the dash (kind of reminds me of the old Rover SD1 dash a little, give or take 30 years). There’s a bunch of things this model will do, with specific attention being paid to the back seat driver passenger  given all those nice people these days that prefer to be driven rather than drive. Fully independent entertainment options for each of the 4 seats will no doubt please the 3 families that buy this model (or I might in 10 years when the price comes down to something reasonable that I can afford), but the big talking point is the “active perfuming system” (I kid you not). You get the new car smell for the life of the vehicle, and can turn it up or down, on or off, with the twiddling of a switch (although more likely pressing some of those buttons on one of the fancy screens).

Not quite sure when it comes out over here in the States, but given it’s being pushed as a model year 2014, I’d put money on August or September if I was a betting man.