Porsche Shooting Brake – The Holy Grail is here

Panamera Sport Turismo

Apologies in advance if I get a little too excited about this, but now that I have kids, and am still totally addicted to high performance cars (and Porsche are obviously a bit of a fave of mine ever since I was a little kid), the new Panamera Sport Turismo as it’s called is pretty much my perfect every day car.

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A Stretch (limo?) Porsche – meet the new Panamera Turbo S Executive

178407_311013por-aWith a power output of 570 hp and a top track speed of 192 mph, and with a wheelbase that has been extended by 5.9 inches, the Panamera Turbo S Executive is designed for who I’m not really sure (the driver who sometimes get driven maybe?). It does offer significantly more space and even more comfort, particularly at the rear. Thermal and noise-insulated windows, which include privacy glazing, an interior lighting package designed especially for the rear, and a large rear center console mean this has a little extra focus for the executive in the back.

178404_311013por-cA 50-hp increase in power compared to the Panamera Turbo engine has been achieved through specific revisions to a number of components. Porsche is now using two new turbochargers with larger compressors in the Panamera Turbo S model. The new compressors increase the air flow, and the chargers push more oxygen into the combustion chambers at high loads and speeds. In addition, the injection pressure has been increased by 20 bar to 140 bar. Together, both of these measures also enable higher component loads, which are absorbed by pistons made from a new aluminium alloy and specially coated piston rings. By preparing the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chambers more effectively, the torque also increases to 553 lb.-ft. at between 2,250 and 5,000 rpm, with overboost increasing torque momentarily to 590 lb.-ft. And a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds isn’t bad I guess, but the $200k they’re asking for is a little too expensive for my tastes.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Or a Panamera estate (or shooting brake or station wagon if that’s your thing?) in more normal terms. And to be honest, it doesn’t actually look bad – even almost good? I kind of considered how much it was going to be, and whether or not the realities of parenthood meant this might be my first Porsche.

This was quickly followed by a visit to the special microsite (complete with annoying music and slow loading), and I learned that the primary mode of operation for this was electric. Maybe I’m one of those grumpy old men these days (like when I whine for the lack of manual transmission cars available in the US for example), but I really don’t want huge batteries in my car if I can at all avoid it.