Beetle Rally Car

GRC Beetle Rally Cross CarThere are some things in life that you find hard to believe, even when confronted with the facts, and I have to be honest – this was one of them. Volkswagen are entering the Red Bull Global Rally Cross series, and not with the regular Polo they use back in Europe, but with the pictured heavily modified GRC Beetle.

Bettle Rally Car GRCNot only does it have 4-wheel drive, it spits out over 560 bhp. Racing as part of the Volkswagen Andretti Rally Cross team with be Tanner Foust (rally driver and presented of US Top Gear) and Scott Speed (former F1 driver, more recently seen in Nascar). I just can’t wait to see one of those rear spoilers end up on road car…..

Lotus Karting Program

The John Player colors on a Lotus always brings back memories from childhood. And now Lotus has tried to influence those said children a little more by sponsoring a karting team in an effort to discover new talent. Maybe I can get the little guy signed up in a few years…….

(via Lotus Press)

Nascar Prayer

I have some good friends who also love cars. And sometimes, they send through little gems from the interweb that cannot be ignored. This video was one such item – in case anyone thought Talledega Nights wasn’t based on reality….

(via Frank)