Ferrari 812 Superfast – the latest (and greatest?)

Ferrari 812 SUPERFAST

Today Ferrari announced their latest release, the Ferrari 812 Superfast, and it sure does look super fast. With 789 bhp and 530 ft.-lb. of torque, linked to a dual clutch gearbox, the 6.5 liter V12 can propel the car to 60 in 2.9 seconds, and a kinda ridiculous top speed of 212. mph.

gallery-ferrer 812 Superfast rear-170038-car-812superfast

This will be the first Ferrari with electric steering, which has me a little worried, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see the reviews to find out if they’ve mastered the art of feel through the new system.


There’s a bunch of active management going on with the airflow, with various flaps controlled automatically to address the cars and to keep it firmly stuck to the road, no matter what the speed.

Ferrari 812 Superfast interior

The car has the typical stylish Ferrari interior, with the huge metal gear shifters, and all of the controls housed on the multi-function steering wheel.

812 SuperFast ferrari rear

I guess the only thing left to say is pretty obvious – I want one!

Ferrari 488 GTB – Reviews are coming in

ferrari 488

A few reviews are in tonight for the new Ferrari – interesting because (it’s a new Ferrari obviously) it’s the first one in a while with a turbo engine. From a quick scan it’s all pretty exceptionally good, so take a look

Evo Review

Goodwood Road and Racing 

Chris Harris on Cars Video Review 


La Ferrari – A full road and track test

Shiny Red is the New Red

Lexus RC 350In what can only be described as a very slow news day for cars (just wait until tomorrow I guess), Lexus decided to make it’s attempt to steal the show with a couple of pics and a whole press release about how they make the new RC Coupe and extra shiny tint of red. Yes, really. But it’s worked, as here are the pics of a previously announced car (but for the sake of me, I can’t remember this getting a release earlier in the year, so either I must not have been paying attention, or I didn’t care).

Lexus RC 350 three quarter viewSo, onto the paint:

A more dynamic red exterior paint color is made brighter and with more contrast thanks to an entirely new painting process, using a two-color base of both silver and red.

The luminous red paint is achieved through a meticulous paint process using four base coats of paint which are then baked twice. Layers of colored and clear coating are used to control some of the color’s reflections and establish a balance between the brightness and depth – two elements that traditionally work against each other.

  • For the red exterior, the factory starts with a base coat of silver and then applies a clear coat.
  • Then, the clear coat is covered by a translucent red coat, which is then topped with another clear coat.
  • The four coats of paint are baked twice to set the color.

As a result, light hitting the paint reflects off the red layer and also off the silver layer below, which adds depth and a metallic highlight to the red coloration.  Prior to this new, two-color base process, the factory used base coats with the same color tone (red and red).

Don’t say this blog doesn’t attempt to inform _and_ educate.