R8 for the day? Audi may have the answer

2017 Audi R8 Red

Audi today introduced Audi on demand, an innovative mobility program that gives customers a new way to experience the Audi brand and its range of vehicles at the touch of a button. With Audi on demand, customers can reserve an Audi by the day for up to 28 days.  The premium service is currently available in San Francisco as part of a beta program and will be rolled out across additional U.S. cities in the coming years.

What that means in practice is that you could find yourself a little bored one day, decide it would be fun to hit the hills or coast roads in a fancy new automobile, click the button on your Audi mobility app, and as if by magic, a shopkeeper R8 appears.

From the official press release:

Audi on demand gives customers access to a wide range of the Audi vehicle lineup, from the Audi A4 sedan to Audi R8 supercar. Via the Audi on demand app – currently available for download in the Apple App store – customers select their preferred Audi model. It is then personally delivered to them at the location of their choice by an Audi on demand concierge, who will help the customer get acquainted with the vehicle, from setting music preferences to tailoring the navigation system. Customers are able to lock and unlock their vehicle, as well as enable driving via the Audi on demand app or via a personal key card. No membership fee is required.  Additionally, the vehicle the customer sees and requests in the Audi on demand app will be the same vehicle delivered to them – down to the exact color and trim.

If there’s anyone out in San Fran that wants to give this a try and let the rest of the world know who it worked out for me, please leave a note in the comments!

And after a little research, it looks like the R8 will set you back $1195 per day (or add an extra $90 for the wind in your hair convertible version). It looks like the other models might be a little more affordable – an A8L coming in for $425 and perhaps the bargain of the bunch an S7 for $385. At the low end, you can have your Allroad for only $165 (but A5’s 6’s, Q5’s and an RS5 are also available.