Porsche Shooting Brake – The Holy Grail is here

Panamera Sport Turismo

Apologies in advance if I get a little too excited about this, but now that I have kids, and am still totally addicted to high performance cars (and Porsche are obviously a bit of a fave of mine ever since I was a little kid), the new Panamera Sport Turismo as it’s called is pretty much my perfect every day car.

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Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

Or a Panamera estate (or shooting brake or station wagon if that’s your thing?) in more normal terms. And to be honest, it doesn’t actually look bad – even almost good? I kind of considered how much it was going to be, and whether or not the realities of parenthood meant this might be my first Porsche.

This was quickly followed by a visit to the special microsite (complete with annoying music and slow loading), and I learned that the primary mode of operation for this was electric. Maybe I’m one of those grumpy old men these days (like when I whine for the lack of manual transmission cars available in the US for example), but I really don’t want huge batteries in my car if I can at all avoid it.