McLaren 765LT and Bruno Senna

It’s a match made in heaven

McLaren 570S

Just in case you were wondering if you should or shouldn’t buy one of the new McLarens, let Chris Harris provide you with some input….

Oversteer – All you need to know

Who better than 2 time winner of the Daytona 24 Hour race, Randy Pobst to teach you?

One:1 – it’s FAAAASSSSSTTTTT!!!!!

Koenigsegg released the 0-300-0 video of it’s latest creation – the One:1. Needless to say, it wasn’t slow…..

BMW M3 vs Mercedes C63 S AMG

The battle you’ve all been waiting for is finally here – the new M3 vs the new C63 S, courtesy of the fine folks at Evo

Ferrari 488 GTB – Reviews are coming in

ferrari 488

A few reviews are in tonight for the new Ferrari – interesting because (it’s a new Ferrari obviously) it’s the first one in a while with a turbo engine. From a quick scan it’s all pretty exceptionally good, so take a look

Evo Review

Goodwood Road and Racing 

Chris Harris on Cars Video Review 


Ford GT350R – it doesn’t sound bad

Check it out for yourself, preferably with the volume cranked way up

Tesla P85D Insane Mode

If you’re wondering what it feels like to turn on Insane mode in the new Tesla and floor the throttle, this might help you get an idea…..

Mad Max: Fury Road

Although it’s not technically all about cars, the new Mad Max trailer (moving coming out in the summer) has enough automotive content (and it’s kinda awesome) I thought I’d share it here. Still remember watching the original when I was about 11 as part of our local school movie club – the new one looks like it could be another classic. Here’s hoping….

Ford Focus RS – Teaser Video

All the details get released on February 3rd, but until then here’s some slip sliding around in the new car courtesy of Mr Ken Block (and does this mean it really is 4-wheel drive? opinions are mixed but if it can slide like that with just front wheel drive then holy moly. Either way, I’m excited, but 4-wheel drive might just get me tempted to get the wallet out)